Rules Based Printing

Rules Based Printing

Reduce Printing Costs with Simple Ground Rules

Employees using work printers for personal printing on occasion may not seem like a big deal. A page here, or a page there might not be worth getting in a fuss about. But if your company isn’t tracking exactly how much money is going toward unauthorized printing, you could be surprised by how much money and resources are being lost.

What is Rules-Based Printing?

The concept is simple: establish a set of rules for how printing in your office operates and enforce it. Five Star Business Equipment can help every step of the way from establishing a plan, to implementing, to suggestions for enforcing the new rules, we have the expertise to support your company during this transition.

Rules-based printing has many benefits including:

  • Reducing waste and saving resources by requiring approval before printing happens
  • Management and document tracking is built into the plan allowing you to restrict who has printer access
  • Printing from mobile devices
  • Goal-setting abilities for both users and departments

Increased Safety for Peace of Mind

Aside from saving yourself resources from unwanted or unauthorized print jobs, there are other benefits to rules-based printing as well, specifically the increased in security it provides. When you have control over who can access your printer, you can help prevent information from being stolen or getting into the wrong hands. You can also monitor who is using the printer and Five Star can help spot problems before they happen. Individual accountability is key in the rules-based printing system.  

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