Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Sales Made Easy

Any restaurant or retail business owner knows how many moving parts there are to managing the day-to-day operations of a shop. From payroll, to employee hours, to sales, returns, and much more, the result can be a confusing and overwhelming amount of tracking and organisation. The burden for these things often falls directly on the business owner or manager to ensure everything is being tracked correctly. And this can be easier said than done.

Our Point of Sale devices can help! With our multi-functional point of sale devices, say hello to the one device that can help with a ton of tasks. These machines help us strive toward our number one objective here at Five Star: making it easy for our business to focus on their goals and the future that lies ahead.

The Power of Productivity

Not only do our point of sale products help you track what products are selling, but they also track what products are most popular or not selling as well. This information is vital to making business decisions easily and effectively. These point of sale machines also manage and keep track of any transaction that goes through the business so the everyday operations are being tracked and you know where your inventory levels are all the time.

Seamless Workflow

From the time your employee clocks, to the first sale of the day, to closing out for the day, you can keep track of it all easily and automatically. Instead of keeping exhaustive records of what you’re selling on paper, let our systems do the data collection for you. These features help automate workflow and put an important step in the hands of a reliable and accurate tool.

Save Time, Save Money

Our machines help track when items are running low so you can easily resupply them ahead of schedule. Staying on top of your products save time and money and ensure that your customers always have exactly what they’re looking for.

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