Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Technology Services You Can Trust

Advances in technology have changed the face of business as we know it. Because businesses are so highly dependent now on technology to function, they have to be sure their equipment and programs are functioning perfectly all the time, or they risk losing time, money, and efforts.

At Five Star, we provide managed IT services to take the stress of technology management off of your business so you can focus on what really matters: serving your customers. With a wide variety of functions, we can help your business in many different ways making your technology more efficient and reliable along the way.

Network Monitoring

Our team of experts are easy to work with and are vigilant about spotting problems before they happen. With our team behind you, you’ll no longer have to worry about the security or stability of your network. Learn more about network monitoring.

Help Desk Support

Our convenient help desk services make it easy for you to get assistance with any technology needs. Our team is quick, professional, and efficient, and can offer expert guidance on any tech issues or questions. Learn more about help desk support services.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

If there’s one thing businesses can never count on, it’s knowing when a disaster is on the horizon. Fires, floods, thefts, and other damages can occur without warning. We can help ensure that you’re always prepared and ready to bounce back in no time. Learn more about backup and disaster recovery services.

Network Security

In addition to making sure your network is fully-optimised and functioning efficiently, Five Star also offers services to ensure that your data and documents are always safe. Learn more about network security services.

Project Management & Support

Our team of project managers can keep any task on schedule and get the results you need. These dedicated and hardworking individuals will help develop strategies and support to get your workload under control and taken care of. Learn more about project management and support services.

Device Management  

When you have numerous users, each with multiple devices, your hardware and mobile device fleet can be a lot to handle. Five Star's device management services can help. We can solve problems, optimise workflows, and often spot issues before they even occur. Learn about device management services.

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