Step Two: Users

The Five Star Approach also takes into account users. We believe it’s important to consider what users are doing, how they are using the products, and what support is available to them when problems do arise. Five Star prioritizes the experience of users and strives to ensure everyone has the information and support they need.

Discovering the Demographics

When we select products or processes to recommend to clients, one of the major considerations is simple: “Who will be using this?” If the client we work with is always on the go, we will help find solutions for communication, document sharing, and portable technology that supports life on the road. For companies with large printing and production systems, we can find the reliable workhorse machines that will get the work done quickly and accurately.

Productivity in Mind

Not only do we look at which devices are compatible with users’ lifestyles, but also we consider how to increase productivity by providing software solutions and technology that increase efficiency for the users and the company as a whole. We take the time to evaluate productivity and continue to make changes when there are gaps that can be fixed.

Continued Support

Ultimately, once the solutions are in place, we understand it takes some time for companies and employees to feel comfortable with the changes. That’s why we offer support beyond the install and far into the future. Should problems or questions arise, Five Star is ready and willing to help.

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