Document Solutions

Document Solutions

Optimisation for Innovation

Even with the best technology and devices around, there can still be big holes in productivity if no one is critically looking at how the office operates and performs. There are multiple areas worth considering when looking at ways to increase efficiency in a business and Five Star can help with them all.


One of the surest ways to stagnate in a business is to continue to do things the same way that they’ve always been done without considering if it’s really the best way. Our staff can help assess workflow to make sure things are being done in the most logical and productive way possible, and implement the workflow solutions that will get you to peak efficiency. Learn more about workflow solutions.


When it comes to sharing information, scanning documents and digitising them can be one of the most efficient ways to get information out. Five Star has solutions that will help you address all of your scanning needs. Learn more about our scanning solutions.

Document Management

Maybe you’re still dealing with cumbersome printed files and giant filing cabinets, or maybe you’re making the transition to digital but still struggling to figure out the organisation. No matter where you are in the process, our document management services can help. Learn more about document management services.

Managed Print Services

Our office solutions can help you control the cost of printing and increase support for your company. When you work with Five Star you’ll gain greater control over your printing environment and ensure your time and energy are being invested wisely. Learn more about managed print services.

Rules Based Printing

Do you feel like your printing costs are out of control? Our rules based printing process will help you get control over printing and help you understand where money and resources are going. Learn more about rules based printing.

Print Cost Accounting

Never wonder about where your printing budget is going again. With print cost accounting, you can rest easy knowing that you can easily manage the costs of your printing services. Learn more about print cost accounting

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