Document Solutions

Information First

When taking into account printing costs for a business, it can be hard to figure out how to quantify current usage and how to make the best decision for your company. Data to help guide your decisions and make them logical and informed. That’s where print cost accounting comes in. When companies use print cost accounting, they are able to evaluate printing costs easily to make the decisions they need to.

Reduce Printing Costs with Simple Ground Rules

Employees using work printers for personal printing on occasion may not seem like a big deal. A page here, or a page there might not be worth getting in a fuss about. But if your company isn’t tracking exactly how much money is going toward unauthorized printing, you could be surprised by how much money and resources are being lost.

Taking Control, Saving Money

Do you know how many printers your business is currently using? Do you know how productive each of them is? If you don’t have the expertise in office technology it can be hard to evaluate if you’re using the right products, the right number of machines, and if they’re all operating at maximum capacity. That’s where Five Star Business Equipment comes in. We have the experience and background to be able to evaluate your entire fleet of printers and help you determine where you can make improvements.

Digital Documents for Increased Organisation

Technological advancements continue to shape how people operate in their social lives, at home, and in their businesses. The contributions that technology continues to bring to the world make every day processes and communication easier for everyone. At Five Star, we utilise the newest and most useful technology and apply it to the businesses we work with to improve workflow, communication, and processes. One of the smartest moves for almost any business is going digital with document management.

Up To Date, Up To Speed

If your business is still operating with tons of paper files and bulky filing cabinets, it can seem daunting to make the shift to a digital system. With so much historic content and necessary information in paper form, how can businesses find the time, energy, and expertise to upgrade?

Optimisation for Innovation

Even with the best technology and devices around, there can still be big holes in productivity if no one is critically looking at how the office operates and performs. There are multiple areas worth considering when looking at ways to increase efficiency in a business and Five Star can help with them all.

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