Step One: The Network

The Five Star Approach is simple: we are a resource for your company that can answer all of your office technology needs in one convenient place. We have the machines, the tools, the processes, and the experience to help your company achieve its goals. When we start the Five Star Approach, we first examine your network.

Is It Stable?

Stability is very important when it comes to a company’s network. We understand that even one glitch in the system can slow down productivity. Some companies that are involved directly with e-commerce can even directly lose money if the system isn’t always stable and working smoothly. Five Star will examine your current network and evaluate its performance to find upgrades that will help improve your system.

Is It Safe?

Another major concern with networks is security issues. We work hard to make sure networks are secure and the information on them is, as well. Companies that work with Five Star know that their content and documents are safe and only accessible by people they want to access them. We are also proactive about finding issues so we can spot them and address them before they ever become problems at all.

Are We Using the Cloud Effectively?

The cloud has simplified document sharing and storage dramatically in recent years. Five Star knows the best ways to utilise the cloud and can offer advice on how to effectively get your business operating in the cloud as soon as possible.

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