Managed IT Services

Our Mission is Your Mission

Five Star has spent more than a decade helping clients make the best business technology choices for them. One of the areas we often advise is when it comes to devices and management after installation. Five Star works with industry-leading partners to provide our clients with the best options of printers, multifunction devices, servers, computers and more.

Keeping Projects on Track for Success

Every company has goals and dreams for the future. Five Star Business Solutions helps businesses achieve those goals by providing them with the needed resources to stay on schedule and get work done. With our expertise in technology project management and support, we partner with your business to establish goals, create strategic plans, and accomplish great things.

Security You Can Trust

Our top priority at Five Star is making sure all of our clients have systems that are efficient, productive, and most of all, secure. Every company has sensitive information that needs to be regulated and secured, but it’s not always easy to know how to set up those security checkpoints. Five Star keeps security top of mind in every project we do.

Be Prepared for When Disaster Strikes

Companies can never anticipate when disaster is on the horizon. From floods, to theft, to fires and more there’s always a risk that some unforeseen problem could seriously damage a company’s work. When it comes to disasters, it’s better to be proactive than reactive. Instead of trying to recover lost documents or work, Five Star works with companies to establish infrastructure to backup and store work frequently so it’s secure and safe in any situation.

Our Help Desk Support is Responsive and Reliable

Having an entire IT staff in-house can cost companies a lot of money. Additionally, when employees can’t find an answer to a tech problem, companies often have to resort to outside companies anyway. Save yourself the costs and hassle of housing an individual IT staff and consider allowing Five Star to take care of all of your IT needs in one convenient location.

Let Our Experts Manage Your Network Monitoring

We understand that most business owners aren’t experts on technology or the networks that are so critical to their business processes. Fortunately, companies that work with Five Star don’t have to be. Our trained and expert staff can take the weight of network monitoring off your business and allow you to focus on your main objectives and fostering growth in your company.

Technology Services You Can Trust

Advances in technology have changed the face of business as we know it. Because businesses are so highly dependent now on technology to function, they have to be sure their equipment and programs are functioning perfectly all the time, or they risk losing time, money, and efforts.

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